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Maya Assaf-Horstmeier, new MSTC coordinator

Dear MSTC community,


My name is Maya Assaf-Horstmeier and some of you already know that I have taken over the MSTC coordination from Michelle Garred (big shoes to fill)!

I am currently part of World Vision's global peacebuilding team as the Associate Director for Conflict Sensitivity. A bit more about myself:

I have been working in World Vision for 12 years, mainly focusing on programming in humanitarian contexts. I brings experience from a country office/field perspective in disaster management programming including early warning and early action, disaster preparedness, and humanitarian response. In June 2017, I joined the World Vision Peacebuilding team as the Associate Director for Conflict Sensitivity. My portfolio ensures the integration of conflict sensitivity across World Vision programmes, using both micro and macro context analysis tools. A large part of my role is building capacity of staff in conflict sensitivity and context analysis, as well as leading context assessments where needed. If you need to contact me directly, please do so on:

Look forward to connecting with everyone!

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