A multiagency Training of Facilitators for Macro-Level Conflict Analysis was conducted in Amman, 15-18 February 2016. The training was organized by World Vision International and was led by Dr. Michelle Garred, World Vision International's Associate Director of Peacebuilding, and Esther Silalahi, Independent Consultant.

The last two days were spent in hands-on facilitation practice doing a ‘Making Sense of Turbulent Contexts’ analysis of Jordan. The participants included eighteen local civil society actors from WV and partner agencies, who became the sources of data and the primary analysts. The facilitator trainees guided the process as participants identified Jordan’s strategic needs and likely future scenarios.

The eighteen facilitator trainees came from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the UK and North America. They included colleagues from WV, USAID, World Food Program, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Danish Demining Group and Conrad Grebel College. The first two days of this intensive course emphasized interactive content learning and demonstration. The facilitator trainees explored theories of macro-conflict analysis and practiced facilitation techniques for participatory processes.

All in all, this training allowed all stakeholders to use the resulting context analysis to reassess their own work. Moreover, the multi-agency workshop has helped World Vision Jordan generate practical recommendations to inform their strategy and operations.

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